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Green Tea Baths - Enjoy the healing benefits of a green tea bath
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Green Tea Baths

Natural               Handmade          Premium Ingredients          Fair Trade


Steep yourself in the healing powers of green tea. Long known for anti-aging benfits, Green Tea Baths are ideal for detoxifying, replenishing, and restoring balance to your skin. Check out the many other healing and therapeutic benefits of adding green tea to your bath.

Over the years green tea has been extensively researched and has gained an incredible reputation for having a wide variety of health benefits. Now research is finding that it also has dramatic health benefits when applied directly to your skin. Green tea is jam packed with phytochemicals called polyphenols  that play an important role in maintaining healthy skin and  anti-aging. There have been many positive studies that have confirmed the health benefits of green tea for your skin which is why many skin products have added “green tea extracts” to their products. Now you can bathe in a giant cup of green tea and reap the many health benefits.

Top spas from around the world are charging over $100 for a luxurious bath in green tea. Now you can have the same spa experience in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.

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